Utah Stars North Utah County Girls Soccer Club


Entry competition soccer

AA Competition or District Soccer

This is the Introduction to Competition Soccer. It is very competitive but not as intense as State soccer, practices are held 1-2 times a week and winter and tournament soccer is optional. The girls are taught fundamentals (we are always teaching fundamentals) but also the mental aspect, how to play the game, they get there physical workouts by training and playing small sided games, we allow the girls to be more social and though it is serious it is not as intense as State soccer. Each game is important but not as crucial at this level, the girls just move up in age not divisions. There is a end of season tournament that is played in May and we get the girls ready for all year and we do treat it as more a "state style" tournament. Trophies are given to first and second place and a player that have experienced this level and are looking to progress are given the opportunity to tryout for our state level teams if so desired. This is a great level for the serious or competitive basketball, lacrosse, softball etc. to play multiple sports but be able to focus on their "other sport" besides soccer.


1. Respect your family

2. Make friends

3. Have fun

4. Good work ethic

5. Focus

​6. Be prepared

​7. Be on time

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