$50.00 Entry Fee

Though we are a girls soccer club we do not charge club fees! We have a 1 time entry fee to join a team for only $50.00 per player for 1 year of soccer.

Coaches Fee

Each coach runs his or her soccer team, they have full control of their team and can charge parents whatever they feel will help them be successful. This allows the club to stay out of the way. Each coach can charge a 1 time fee or use a "pay as they go system" 

League Fee

This can range anywhere from $150.00 per player for entry level competition and up to $300.00 per player for top level state teams

Uniform Fees

We have a 2 year uniform cycle, if you played last year you do not need to worry about this, if you are a new player contact your coach to set up a fitting

Winter and Tournament Fees

Again your coach will decide if his or her team will play in winter soccer and summer tournaments. Most State teams play both and AA players this is optional

Training and Video Fee

For $1.00 per player per hour I will come to your practice and train your team. For 5.00 per player I will come to a game and video your game with our club's 18' Hi Pod "state of the art" video system. (This is of course optional). My name is Steve Heller and I own the Utah Stars Girls soccer club as of today I have over 100 girls in my club I teach the beautiful game too! My cell phone number is below and you can text or call me.