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Utah youth soccer clubs and competitive soccer teams in Utah. Are you a coach or a parent that has players and is looking for a different option? Do you have a group of players that are friends and would like to keep them together? Do you feel like your organization is telling you how to do things and feel like you have lost control? Are you looking to be successful but still have fun?​I started coaching 9 years ago and played at a very high level for 12 years. When I started coaching I could not believe what some of these clubs were charging to play soccer. Luckily I stumbled upon Utah County Soccer Club and was thrilled that I could coach a team for an affordable price and be in total control of my team. I believe we have built something special at Utah Stars F.C.. I get players and parents from all the big clubs that are totally frustrated with the process but mostly the lies. It is all about getting parents to open their checkbooks and commit to a year of soccer. Please do not misunderstand me, some parents do not mind paying high dollars for their kid to play for a big clubs and they are 100% committed. But this is not for everyone and this is just another option. So if you have a team and want to be in control of your success we can help you. We are a Pleasant Grove North Utah County Soccer club but we have players from Lindon Utah, Lehi Utah, Highland Utah, Alpine Utah, American Fork Utah, Cedar Hills Utah, Orem Utah, Saratoga Springs Utah, Eagle Mountain Utah and even Provo Utah


Our Philosophy

 "Come join our family, we are making lifelong memories through soccer!"

"The main objective of the Utah Stars soccer program is DEVELOPMENT. Everyone enjoys winning but winning is not the best or only measure of development. Development takes time. Be patient, and help foster it by recognizing every incremental gain and focus on performance. Any good play and slight individual improvement is success. By acknowledging and giving all players the recognition they deserve you will be contributing to everyone’s success. Our coaches and players set small goals, work hard to achieve them and that is how we become successful."