Girls State Soccer

Girls State Soccer

 This is the highest level and most dedicated teams. If you and your daughter are thinking about soccer tryouts at this level let me tell you some truths about level 1 or top soccer. Some of what I am about to say may seem a little harsh and over the top but I will explain why it is so important to be honest, upfront and transparent when considering tryouts at this level of youth soccer. If a team is looking to be successful at this high level it takes commitment and dedication from not only the players but the parents too, so many teams and clubs are about cashing your check and then figuring out where to "stick" your daughter after tryouts and not explaining that you are funding the top teams. You are put on a low level "state" team that does not receive the "quality attention" that your daughter deserves but she is a "state" soccer player and that should be enough. Think of State soccer like a ladder and the only way to climb this ladder to the top is to have each player and parent on the same page. Every play, practice and game matters and if 2 or 3 players or parents are not 100% on board it ruins it for the other 10 or 11 players that put in the time necessary to achieve and it is just not fair to the dedicated players that have set goals and worked hard to achieve those goals. There are no short cuts in this league it is about repetition and hard work, you can not have 2 or 3 "STAR" players and think that you will be successful, you must have 13-14 players working as a squad, together, on the same exact page and setting like minded goals. There is travel for league play and tournaments are played in Utah county and Salt Lake City county and Futsal is out of Lindon and Orem Utah.


1.Attend all practices (2-4 per week)

2.Workout at home and keep a journal, Personal fitness

 (you can never be to fit in this sport)

3.Have a team first policy

4.Play in summer tournaments

5.Play Futsal in the winter

6.Carry a team backpack

7.Must attend a yearly tryout

8.Attend all Pro coaching and BYU and UVU training camps

9.Be prepared for every game and event

10.Be on time or if not give an estimated time of arrival

11.Be respectful to everyone you come in contact with when representing the Utah Stars soccer club.

12.Players are required to show up for the game an hour in advance of start time to warm-up and go over game plans.

Because it seems there is so much mystery with soccer clubs and getting answers. Trying to navigate websites and the internet can be very time consuming and all your questions are not being answered. I know because I searched for clubs for my daughters and had trouble getting my questions answered. It just seemed like these clubs wanted me to show up to their tryouts with my checkbook so I started my own girls soccer club. I have put my personal cell number on this website so this way you can talk to an actual person that is in charge and will hopeful be able to answer your questions and help you navigate this process. Whether you choose my soccer club or decide it is not a good fit and move on to another club, you will be armed with some valuable knowledge to help make this important 1 year commitment.