Utah Stars North Utah County Girls Soccer Club




  Brent Anderson has trusted me in teaching the game of soccer to his daughters and takes time out of his busy schedule to mentor me in my coaching endeavor. He always is willing help me improve and give me constructive criticism and has been very gracious to allow my girls to meet and look up to his college team. He takes time to come to our practices and give mini clinics but also holds camps that I know my girls and I will never forget. (contact information available upon request)


I cannot speak highly enough of the Utah Stars North Utah County Soccer Club and Steve Heller. When I was looking for a team for my daughter, I wanted a team where she could play and compete in a positive, encouraging environment. My daughter’s previous coach was a very negative experience for her, and I could see it starting to affect her play, so I switched teams. In the few weeks that she has been on Steve’s team, she is already having fun again and excelling as a soccer player. Having coached myself for years, I really appreciate Steve’s approach to coaching.

If you are looking for a solid soccer team for you daughter, I strongly suggest you contact Steve. Matthew, (contact information available upon request.)


My daughter has been playing for Coach Steve Heller for four years, beginning at age 7 in city rec league. During that time, I have seen her individual skill level improve dramatically each season in virtually all facets of her game. Coach Steve Heller's extensive soccer knowledge, coupled with his unique ability to teach technical skills and game strategy in a way that makes the girls on the team want to work their hardest, has resulted in great team soccer. He doesn't berate players or spend the whole game yelling from the sidelines. He uses his practice time efficiently to prepare the girls, and lets them play the game with confidence, which is one of the things I appreciate most about his coaching style. The results speak for themselves; my daughter's team -- which had zero girls with any soccer experience beyond rec league – – won their division after one year under the guidance of Coach Steve Heller.


I highly recommend Coach Steve Heller. My daughter has improved her game consistently, enjoyed great team success, and come to love the game of soccer thanks in large part to Coach Steve Heller. Debbie (contact information available upon request.)


We have had nothing but all around positive experiences with Coach Steve Heller and the Utah Stars North Utah County Soccer Club. He is committed to his players and their success as a team not only on the field, but off the field as well. If you are looking for a competitive AA or AAA team that inspires players to have good sportsmanship, builds team camaraderie, works hard to improve players' skills and motivates them in a positive environment, then Utah Stars are the teams for you. We feel blessed to have found this team for our daughter and have seen her improve immensely this past season and are looking forward to continuing our relationship with the Utah Stars. Cassie & Patrick, (contact information available upon request.)


My daughter, Gracie, has been playing with the Utah Stars (with Steve Heller as the coach) since they began in 2012. Steve is very committed to both the game and the girls, and has done a great job in teaching the girls the principles of the game as well as focusing on each girl's individual strengths. He has promoted good sportsmanship, strong friendships, and leadership skills among the players. He looks beyond their athletic ability to the type of person they are and helps them achieve the goals they've set for themselves. Steve has given hours of uncompensated time to help the Utah Stars improve and achieve. Playing for the Utah Stars has been a very positive experience for both Gracie and for our family. Megan, (contact information available upon request.)


Kamryn has loved this season and I am so appreciative to you for believing in her and not giving up and seeing her future potential. thanks again.Stephanie (contact information available upon request.)


Thanks for all that your doing! Kaiya is having a great season. Thanks for striving to build her up. Her attitude and desire to go to soccer is real positive. Thanks again!

Kathy (contact information available upon request.)


Great club! Both my daughters are part of this club and their skills have improved dramatically. Before joining this club, Soccer was seasonal. Now they enjoy it so much they want to play year round! They love being part a club with such strong commeradery. The focus is on player development, responsibility, unity, hard work and of course...having fun! The coaches, parents, and especially the club president Steve, are dedicated to providing individual player development while encouraging an impressive culture of unity among the girls. If your daughter is ready for the next level of competition I highly recommend this club. GO STARS!!! Clay (contact information available upon request.)


My daughter has been a part of the Utah Stars Soccer Club for the last 2 years. The coaches are focused on players and making them successful. Each player’s development is key to the success of the teams. I have seen huge improvements in my daughters skill level since joining the team. Eric (contact information available upon request.)​